The Virtue of Chastity
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The Virtue of Chastity



Product Description

During the 20th century, the western world experienced the “Sexual Revolution.” This was a shift in the morality of sexual behavior, and brought about a culture that nurtures mass fornication, masturbation, and pornography. As a result, the virtue of chastity is lost in our society—it is neither sought nor valued.

Prominent Catholic speaker Fr. John Flader speaks to an audience of young people, reminding them of the objective joy and happiness that one experiences when living out the virtue of chastity. He explains the love God has for all us, and that we are called to receive and share this love with all. Love does not ask, “How far can I go before offending you?” but, “How far must I go before I please you?”—a question suitable for both God and our partner. Nonetheless, we must know the sins that offend Our Lord, also causing harm to self. Speaking explicitly about fornication, masturbation, and pornography, Fr. Flader describes their destructive ramifications. He offers guidance on how to avoid these grave sins, and gives insight on how to have a happy and loving relationship with both God and our partner.”

About the Presenter

Fr. John Flader was born in the U.S. and has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard and a Doctorate in Cannon Law from the University of Navarre. He was ordained a priest of Opus Dei in 1967 and since 1968 has resided in Australia, serving as chaplain of Warrane College at the University of New South Wales, chaplain of the University of Tasmania, chaplain of RMIT University, Director of the Catholic Adult Education Center of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and chaplain of Montgrove College. Since 2005 he has written a weekly question-and-answer column in The Catholic Weekly and other Catholic newspapers.

Product Details

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  • Approximately 55 minutes

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  • DVD format: NTSC