The Great Adventure: A Journey Through The Bible
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Jeff Cavins  --  (Available as: 4-DVD set, 4-CD set, or MP3 Download)

The Bible. For some the very word evokes feelings of comfort, authority and wisdom, but for many Catholics today the word “Bible” brings apprehension and anxiety over its seemingly impenetrable mystery. Many who come to the Bible expecting to read from Genesis to Revelation with the ease and excitement of reading a popular novel quickly “bog down” when confronted with the unfamiliar style of ancient literature, seeming redundancy and chronologically confusing arrangement of the Sacred Scriptures.

Biblical Blueprint
Finally there’s new hope for anyone who’s ever tried to read through the Bible only to give up in confusion and despair! In The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible, well-known Catholic speaker Jeff Cavins untangles the complex Biblical narrative and provides a chronological guide linking together the historical characters and stories contained in God’s Word.

This inspiring program features the most masterful blueprint of the Bible available today (and perhaps in the last 5000 years)! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to finally grasp the “big picture” of Scripture. When you order The Great Adventure, you’ll receive four CDs of Jeff Cavins’s expert Biblical instruction and that’s only the beginning.

Join The Great Adventure
By following this welcome advance in Scripture study, you’ll learn how God gradually revealed Himself to man throughout history, starting with Adam and Eve and finally culminating in what would ultimately become His Catholic Church. And how it is only in God’s revealed plan that man once again finds his intended purpose for being.

As a Catholic, you’ll discover in the Bible, a new corporate and personal history. Join the thousands of satisfied customers already using this terrific tool for individual or group Bible study by ordering this valuable breakthrough in Scripture study—and begin your own “great adventure” today!

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