Spiritual Warfare Conference

Spiritual Warfare Conference



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Fr. Michael Sears, Deborah Lipsky & Jesse Romero, M.A. --  (10 CD set)

Many people today have a vague understanding of the teaching of "SPIRITUAL WARFARE" and what the Church's official teaching is on this crucial topic. The demonic influence is very real and it constitutes a dangerous threat to our spiritual being.  One thing is certain... there is an ongoing spiritual combat and both sides are fighting to win our souls.  One seeks for our eternal damnation......and the other to save our soul for our Heavenly reward.  The threat is real and we must ALWAYS know the dangers.


"How Evil Began: Who is Satan and What are Demons?" by Deborah Lipsky

"The Children of Light vs. The Children of Darkness" by Jesse Romero

"Healing & Deliverance" by Fr. Mike Sears

"My Personal Testimony" by Deborah Lipsky

"St. Michael the Archangel….our Defender" by Fr. Mike Sears

"The Biggest Secret Demons Don’t Want Revealed" by Deborah Lipsky

"The Three Enemies of the Soul" by Jesse Romero

"Prayer Power Against Evil Spirits" by Jesse Romero

"Friday Night Gala: Speaker Panel" - Fr. Mike Sears, Deborah Lipsky & Jesse Romero

Mass Homilies - Both Saturday (Fr. Mike Sears) & Sunday (Fr. Ted Shipp)