Radical Reformers: The Story Of The Baptists

Radical Reformers: The Story Of The Baptists



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Ken Hensley  —  (3 CD Set)

Martin Luther and John Calvin were the most famous of the 16th century Protestant Reformers, but who were the most radical? Which group was the first to completely reject the core teachings of Catholicism and even discard the so-called “reforms” of Luther and Calvin?

A Complete Break with Roman Catholicism
In this three-CD audio series, Radical Reformers: The Story of the Baptists, you will be introduced to an early group of Protestants who completely broke with the Church of Rome by daring to form their own “simple” Church based on what they perceived to be the New Testament pattern. The Anabaptists—and later Baptist groups—embraced the Sola Scriptura principle of the Protestant Reformers and tried to use it to model themselves after the Early Church.

You’ll discover the far-reaching consequences of their attempt to reconstruct the Apostolic Christianity of the book of Acts. And how their ideas about gathering together to “break the bread” of the Lord’s Supper and their ironically un-biblical beliefs about Baptism bear scant resemblance to the true history of the Church.

Tragic Tension
Ken Hensley paints a fascinating historical portrait of these young radicals and their fervent followers. As a former Baptist pastor, he intimately knows the heart and mind of their beliefs as he candidly shares from his firsthand experiences and extensive study. In the tradition of his popular Luther: The Rest of the Story and John Calvin: Inside the Protestant Mind, Hensley situates the fascinating history of the Baptist “radical” reformation in the context of the tragic tension that further splintered the Body of Christ into numerous sects and disputing denominations.

Ongoing Impact
If you seek to understand the whole truth behind the disastrous ripple effect caused by the Protestant Revolt, Radical Reformers is a “must-get” set. Order your copy today to discover the sad circumstances that led to a further fracturing of Christendom and to bloody persecutions. This informative series will also highlight what really motivated the Reformers to break with Rome and how the effects of the Anabaptist movement begun in the 16th century, continue to impact the lives of Christians today!

You’ll Learn

  • What the New Testament teaches regarding Baptism

  • What really motivated the Reformers to break with Rome

  • Why some Christians sects believe Baptism is merely an outdated Jewish-Christian Rite

  • Who were the Anabaptists and how they are related to later Baptist groups

  • The central tenet of Baptist theology

  • How Sola Scriptura led to the right and duty of private judgment

  • Why infant Baptism was totally rejected in Baptist doctrine

  • What the Early Church Fathers taught regarding Baptism

  • The Anabaptist view of Church-State relations

  • Why the heart of the Anabaptist movement is ignorance of the Apostolic age

  • When Baptists believe the Primitive Church ceased being the true Church of Christ

  • And much more


    3-CD Set