Mending Broken Relationships

Mending Broken Relationships


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Alicia Leyva  --  (3 CDs)

Nothing is more difficult or painful than broken relationships in our lives. To begin this all-new series, Catholic Marriage and Family Therapist Alicia Leyva traces the history of broken relationships by examining God's original design for man, who was created in His image, "Out of love, in love, and for love."

Alicia reveals that we were meant from the beginning to love and to be in communion with God and those around us. But, wounded by original sin, we often fall and must depend on God's Holy Spirit to empower us to live out our original calling.

Now, on three powerful audio CDs, you'll discover the secrets of "empowered communication" to heal the severed relations in your own life. As you listen, you'll come to recognize the many causes, and the often devastating effects, of broken relationships-spiritual, emotional, and psychological. Demonstrating our powerlessness to change others, Alicia shares how to avoid the "blame game," take responsibility, and find peace by persevering in love.

With the enlightening insights and practical applications in this series, you'll learn how to overcome pride, and the fear of not being loved, and become equipped to take the necessary steps to begin the crucial process of mending your broken relationships.