Mary: Teacher of Prayer
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Mary: Teacher of Prayer



Product Description

With great eloquence, Fr. Jerry Gehringer tells the story of the Blessed Virgin Mary and examines Marian beliefs. While considering the phases of the life of Mary, Fr. Gehringer discusses the problems common to people of all times. In his inimitable manner, he shows that every problem, however difficult, may be resolved. He repeatedly stresses man’s need for the Mother of God, as well as her burning love for all her children.

Today’s tremendous resurgence of devotion to Mary is God’s way of emphasizing the worth and dignity of mankind, in opposition to the false doctrines which have so confused the modern world.

About the Presenter

Fr. Jerry Gehringer was ordained an Opus Dei priest in 1964 and has served his ministry within Australia for 40 years. He has completed his studies in Theology and has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from The Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. He is currently the chaplain at Wollemi College. He also runs annual retreats for youth and mature adults and gives talks all around Sydney.

Product Details

  • DVD or CD

  • Approximately 50 minutes

  • Subtitles not available

  • DVD format: NTSC