Mary's Fiat Illustration - Framed Canvas - 10" x 12" Including White Frame
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  • Marysfiat

Product Description

Our Lady's "yes" to the angel Gabriel is depicted here in a balance of soft and intense hues and a clean graphic style. These 8" x 10" portraits are printed on high-quality, scratch resistant canvas that is also fade resistant for up to 50 years.

About the Artist

Providential Co. is a little shop in Texas that seeks to share the beauty of the Gospel through thoughtfully designed and crafted goods and gifts. Tricia Dugat is a designer/illustrator, wife, mom and adult convert to the Catholic faith. She founded Providential Co. in 2016 with the hope of sharing the beauty of Christianity and providing customers like you with quality and craftsmanship – items to take along your journey of this life, or to give to the people you care about knowing they were made with thought and care.

Product Details

  • Image size: 8 x 10

  • Canvas printed

  • Scratch resistant

  • Fade resistant up to 50 years

  • Standing/hanging frame

  • Lightweight, glassless frame