Humility, Confidence and Vigilance Against Evil

Humility, Confidence and Vigilance Against Evil



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Fr. Bill Casey -- 

How can we move beyond an exaggerated self-love that places ourselves as center of the universe and our own existence, as the measure of all truth and reality, and as the standard of all mortality? What can be done to overcome the pride and anxiety that sets itself in opposition to God’s wisdom and will and becomes a serious stumbling block to sanctity? How ought we cultivate the “garden of the soul” so that grace may be fostered and even greater apostolic fruits might be produced?

Move Beyond Mediocrity
In this new three-CD series, you’ll learn the secret strategies to overcome Satan and move beyond mediocrity in the spiritual life. With Fr. William Casey’s guidance, you’ll become “all that you can be” in the sight of God with the help of His Divine grace and through complete trust in His merciful love.

Acknowledging that we are often “carpenters of our own crosses” in life, Father’s power-packed messages will lead you to recognize that many of your biggest blunders, bad behaviors, embarrassing falls, broken relationships, professional failures, and life’s most bitter regrets and memories can all be traced back to foolish pride. And more importantly, how these terrible tragedies can be transformed into moments of personal triumph over the world, the flesh and the devil!

Great In the Sight of Heaven
Against Evil: Humility, Confidence and Vigilance is a powerful series that helps fulfill the basic human yearning to “be somebody.” As you listen, Father Casey will provide you with the proper perspective needed to become truly great in the sight of Heaven by learning to totally abandon the things of this world and completely trust in the Lord.

Now you’ll discover practical strategies to cultivate the virtues of humility, confidence and vigilance. And how to concretely implement these indispensable qualities so you can better detect, discern and dispel the nagging sin of pride and overcome the anxiety that can often prove overwhelming. Make this type of spiritual transformation part of your New Year or Lenten resolution so that you might overcome temptation, achieve the highest level of holiness and become the saint God intends you to be!

Highlights of this series:
Pride is the most dangerous of the capital sins and presumption is the worst response to Divine Mercy
Humility is the root of all virtue and hope is the anchor of the soul
The virtue of humility and trust in God go hand-in-hand
Our Lady manifests humility so perfectly
The three essential elements are for an act of perfect contrition
Lean to detect and discern the movement of pride within oneself
The five steps are to fostering humility
Abandonment to Divine Providence is essential to grown in the spiritual life and the “door to Divine Mercy”
What it means to “trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love and the future to God’s providence”
Hell is the ultimate failure in life
Holiness is not the exception but the norm for God’s people
Satan sows the seeds of division, confusion, and corruption to destroy your soul


3-CD Set