Finding Peace Of Soul (DVD)

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Now, Discover the Key to Peace In Your Life in Three Powerful Presentations On One All-New DVD!

Do you have peace in your life? The angels proclaimed this precious gift of the Holy Spirit at the birth of Christ. Our Lord said, “In Me you have peace,” and, “My peace I give you.” But what is the key to embracing this peace? Now, in three full-length presentations on one all-new DVD, Father Bill Casey reveals how recognizing the true source of peace can save you a lifetime of heartache.

Pitfalls In the Pursuit of Pleasure
From the majestic life of an ancient Roman Emperor to the recent, tragic end of Anna Nichole Smith, Father shares a story that is as old as life itself. As you listen, Father reveals why all the beauty, glamour, fame, fortune, sex and drugs that money can buy cannot bring the happiness that we all desire on earth.

You’ll discover why earthly pleasure does not last, does not satisfy, and most importantly, does not bring peace. In fact, the pursuit of pleasure as an end in itself always leads to ruin because it does not fulfill the purpose for which we were created.

Rebellion Against The Father
Father Casey also reveals the greatest threat to peace in our lives is the moral poison that is killing our nation. Now, you’ll learn that in the 21st century the never-ending battle for truth will be centered upon the Person of God the Father as secularism, radical feminism, and new age paganism reject His sovereignty over creation and attack the sanctity of human life made in His image.

You’ll find this cultural war on the Bride of Christ is the final assault in the Devil's all out attack and leaves you only one choice in these dark days: God or nothing.

The Key To Peace
In this powerful presentation, you’ll learn that there are there are two kinds of peace—and how to discern the difference. Here you’ll find an abundant wellspring of information to manage interpersonal problems and disorder in your life and find the path to peace of soul even amidst times of great personal turmoil. Your future happiness lies in finding this precious gift of the Holy Spirit proclaimed by the angels at the birth of Christ.

Order Finding Peace of Soul now, right away, don’t spend another moment without the sure knowledge that that as long as you are sincerely seeking God, nothing can happen to you that He has not foreseen will lead to your greater good.


What is the true Source of our peace
Why those who commit sin become slaves to sin
What are the two kinds of peace—and how to tell the difference
What is the truth about where your future lies
Why “Despair is the capitol city of hell”
How to have the sure knowledge that God loves you
What you should know about peace in marriage
How to have peace of soul amidst the great turmoil in your life
Why happiness and pleasure are not the same thing
What is the greatest threat to peace of soul
Why we must defend the Fatherhood of God
And much more…


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