Fight The Good Fight (DVD)

Fight The Good Fight (DVD)


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Jesse Romero, M.A.  -- 

Help Teens to Win “The Battle of the Mind” and Find the Meaning and Purpose of Life!

There’s so much that kids have to face today. Peer pressure, moral relativism, drugs, gangs. But the remedy is simple. His Name is Jesus Christ. But how do you reach today’s kids with the truths of Christ and His Church? Most especially, how do you help those who desperately need to see that life has meaning and purpose?

Captive Audience
In the powerful DVD presentation, former Deputy Sheriff and Karate Champion turned Catholic evangelist Jesse Romero takes on a gym full of kids in trouble with the law. He challenges a “captive audience” of hardened kids in hopes of turning their hearts and minds to Christ. In this remarkable experience, Jesse leaves “political correctness” behind to reach out with the full Gospel.

Armed with the truth and true zeal for souls, Jesse demonstrates the chaos that has resulted from our society letting go of God. He shows how America was founded on Christian principles, but that we have forgotten from where we started. With compassion, humility, and enthusiasm Jesse challenges his young audience to “get back to basics” and overcome the circumstances of society and their troubled lives.

An Isaiah Generation
The Prophet Isaiah warned, “Woe to that generation that calls evil good and good evil.” In a stirring example of how to combat moral relativism, Jesse shares the importance of the power of imitation. Now teens can learn how imitating good example leads one to the “narrow road” spoken of by Our Lord. This is also an important message for adults. In a society that all too often makes excuses for sin, the need has never been greater for adults to provide good example and avoid the “trickle down” effect of not taking responsibility for their own actions.

Simple Message, Genuine Vision
In clear and easy to understand language, Jesse’s simple message reveals a genuine vision for the crucial teenage years. Now teens can learn that they are “three-dimensional people” made up of body, mind and spirit. Using examples from the Bible and popular culture, Jesse demonstrates the path to overcoming our fallen world with the three essential qualities of conditioning, concentration and “coach-ability.” Perfect for teens, Confirmation students, and those who love them, order now and help today’s youth to Fight the Good Fight.


Why “pray” is a four-letter word in today’s schools
How the Bible is the best selling book every year
How God started marriage and family
Why teens need to have a vision of life
How to overcome peer pressure and moral relativism
Compromising values
How to imitate good example
Why sex outside of marriage is not only dangerous but unlawful
To perform like a champion you must practice like one
How to discover your purpose in life
How constitutional law comes from 10 commandments
And more!


1-Disc DVD