Cat Chat: Saints in Training - Ep. 3 & 4

Cat Chat: Saints in Training - Ep. 3 & 4


Product Description

Episode 3: Purity

It’s a hot summer day and Moses the Cat and the Cat Chat family can’t wait to cool off. But first, they learn about purity and what it means to keep their hearts pure and clean for Jesus. Join the fun as Moses makes some delicious homemade ice-cream, and starts throwing water balloons at the Cat Chat kids! Let Mary, the Mother of Jesus, help train you to live a life of purity.

Featured Songs

  • Pure

  • Who Am I

  • King of All

  • Immaculate One

Episode 4: Faithfulness

Put on your running shoes and join Moses the Cat and the Cat Chat family as they get out on the sports field to learn about faithfulness, and what it means to always give God your best. It’s an exciting episode where you get to discover cool bible heroes, learn about the super saint, St. John Paul II, and understand why it’s so important to live with total faith and confidence in God.

Featured Songs

  • Faithful

  • Every Little Thing

  • To the Sky

  • Champion for Christ

Praise for the Cat Chat TV Series

“Cat Chat has truly blessed our children with profound knowledge, wisdom, and an absolute joy for our Catholic faith! As a father, you have blessed my wife and myself with solid and much needed resources to lead our children in our family’s faith journey – thank you Cat Chat family!”

Product Details

  • Runtime: 27 minutes per episode

  • Release year: 2016

  • Recommended age: 3-11 years