Building Better Families

Building Better Families


Product Description

Joyful, healthy, productive, and successful—these are the responses we hear from parents when we ask the question, what do you want most for your kids?

We all know there is no magic formula for raising children. There are no shortcuts, no overnight solutions, and no parenthood manuals. However, with some intentionality and the tools we offer you, your family can have a great foundation for working together to build character strengths that increase the positive, intentional environment in your home. After years of research, we know that one of the best ways for your family to thrive is by growing in character strengths.

Moral character and faith development cannot be outsourced to a school, church, or sports program. It must come from the parents. Building Better Families is a sixteen-part video series. Each video is between 4-8 minutes long and helps parents learn about sixteen different character strengths and their opposing vices—the excess and the deficit. Steve Markel, the founder of Families of Character, narrates the series.


  • Family Unity: No matter your personality, temperament, upbringing, or nature, growing in character strengths will promote unity with a common goal to work towards.

  • A Healthy Conscience: Developing character helps us understand right and wrong. Understanding right and wrong helps build up confidence and courage.

  • Habitual Selflessness: Our actions become a gift of self. Developing these leads us to ultimately love others the way they deserve to be loved.

  • Willpower: When we condition our behavior to control our passions and desires, it becomes a lot easier to say “no” to those things that have a negative influence over us.

  • Personal Growth: Character strengths help us be good and do good, which helps us grow in our thoughts and actions, not just our words.

The sixteen character strengths covered in this series are:

  • Orderliness

  • Peacefulness

  • Patience

  • Service

  • Temperance

  • Modesty

  • Justice

  • Assertiveness

  • Prudence

  • Generosity

  • Respect

  • Purposefulness

  • Fortitude

  • Helpfulness

  • Clemency

  • Tolerance