Answers For Non-Catholics

Answers For Non-Catholics



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Karl Keating and Patrick Madrid  --  (3-CD Set)

Defending Catholicism against the ignorance and prejudice of Fundamentalists, Mormons and others is often diffi cult and discouraging.  So many time-worn arguments and misunderstandings divide Catholics from our separated brethren that it’s hard to even know where to begin.

However, in this classic apologetics series, Answers for non-Catholics two well-known Catholic apologists shows how making the case for the Church with non-Catholics can be done in a way that is effective and profi table for them—and for you too!

Order today and discover that when you charitably share your faith with non-Catholics you’ll win—and so will they.

- Why arguing doesn’t have to be uncharitable
- How to turn the tables on non-Catholics
- Why “winning” isn’t the goal of apologetics
- Why apologetics is more than mere Bible quotation
- How Fundamentalist’s success depends entirely upon your ignorance
- Why Mormons believe that either they are right or the Catholics are
- What it means that Jesus was Mary’s “first-born son”
- Why most Mormon converts are ex- Catholics
- Why honoring Mary doesn’t take honor away from God
- How to evangelize the evangelizers
- Why you should not be afraid to admit your ignorance
- How anti-Catholics concentrate on only a few Scriptural passages
- Why apologetics must be done right or not at all
- And much more