All Things Catholic: Grace and Salvation

All Things Catholic: Grace and Salvation



Product Description

Tim Staples and Dr. Scott Hahn  -- 

Get ready for the catechetical joyride of your life!

World–renowned theologian Dr. Scott Hahn and respected and highly sought–after apologist Tim Staples join forces to tackle one of the most important and misunderstood teachings of Scripture: God’s grace.

What exactly is this “thing” the Church calls “grace?”  Is grace simply God’s unmerited favor—as our separated brethren teach? How does grace sanctify or make us holy—as the Church emphasizes?

Let Dr. Hahn and Tim Staples help you untie all of your Gordian knots in this unique presentation on the concept of God’s grace.

The better you understand what grace is, the more effective your evangelization efforts will be.

During this powerful bible–packed discussion, Staples and Hahn discuss the contrast between the Protestant understanding of “grace” versus the Church’s understanding of “grace.”

What is more, your life will be transformed once you realize the supernatural nature of grace and how God literally infuses Himself into your soul (via the sacraments) to become “more like him” (see 2 Pet. 1:8).

Don’t put off ordering and sharing to this important CD!  Help to fan the flame of God’s grace today!

In this CD...

 ◊ The Church Fathers’ view of grace
 ◊ What the Church has always taught regarding grace
 ◊ What it means to participate in the life of the Trinity
 ◊ How our works are invested in God’s work
 ◊ How it is we truly “cooperate” with grace
 ◊ Understanding how grace produces obedience
 ◊ Understanding how obedience brings about freedom
 ◊ How grace and works go together
 ◊ A complete exposition of Ephesians 2:5-8